The Professor by Robert Bailey

Thomas & Mercer, 2015

Early in his legal career Tom is approached by his former football coach, the legendary Bear Bryant, to return to the University of Alabama as a law professor. Years later on the first day of a new semester in a class on Evidence, he gets in trouble for calling out a student who came to class unprepared. Later, he is talking to Dawn Murphy, a student he is considering as an assistant and walks her out to her car in the rain.  Before he knows it he is being reprimanded for inappropriate conduct with a student. He quits rather than go through an inquisition.

Soon he is involved in a complicated case where a fuel truck driver killed a young family while driving too fast. He enlists the help of a former student, Drake, and soon Dawn Murphy comes onboard to help with the case. Tom is fighting early stage prostate cancer and leaves most of the work to them. The trucking company does everything it can to win the case including dirty tricks and blackmail. Complicated story and a great legal thriller!


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