City of strangers; a Luis Chavez Mystery by Mark Wheaton

Thomas & Mercer, 2016

After the head priest in his parish is murdered Father Luis Chavez assumes more responsibility. Soon he is involved in an even bigger mystery when a deadly disease starts killing people around him. He is assisted by Dr. Susan Auyong, who runs an unlicensed health clinic for the underprivileged in their neighborhood.  As people are dying Father Chavez and Dr. Auyong try to find a common link among the people falling victim to the disease but are running out of time. They have to deal with corrupt gangs and a somewhat apathetic public who feel invincible to a disease that is mostly targeting the poor, indignant population. A tense thriller as the two try to solve the mystery and stop the outbreak.


Walk the edge by Katie McCarry

Razor is part of the Reign of Terror Motorcycle Club, which has become like a family to him since his mother was killed in a car wreck. When a detective shows up at his house and suggests the wreck wasn’t an accident, it makes him question everything he was told by the club. He gets involved with Brenna, a girl at school who in addition to keeping up with her school work is in charge of helping take care of her numerous siblings. She is one of the smartest people he has ever met. Getting involved with her makes him protective and it leads him to question some of the things about the motorcycle club and how his mother died. Very interesting YA story with a complex plot.

Dream Girls; Nicole, by Carrie Thomas


Nicole is a medical student when she gets involved with Corey, a man with a reputation of being somewhat of a womanizer, but somehow their relationship works. Corey is extremely jealous of every man she has contact with and it all comes to a head when she arranges a surprise for him by finding his birth father. Corey was given up for adoption and is part of the reason he feels unlovable. The surprise blows up her face and ends their relationship. A chance meeting several years later reunites them, but has Corey really changed? Good story.

The Professor by Robert Bailey

Thomas & Mercer, 2015

Early in his legal career Tom is approached by his former football coach, the legendary Bear Bryant, to return to the University of Alabama as a law professor. Years later on the first day of a new semester in a class on Evidence, he gets in trouble for calling out a student who came to class unprepared. Later, he is talking to Dawn Murphy, a student he is considering as an assistant and walks her out to her car in the rain.  Before he knows it he is being reprimanded for inappropriate conduct with a student. He quits rather than go through an inquisition.

Soon he is involved in a complicated case where a fuel truck driver killed a young family while driving too fast. He enlists the help of a former student, Drake, and soon Dawn Murphy comes onboard to help with the case. Tom is fighting early stage prostate cancer and leaves most of the work to them. The trucking company does everything it can to win the case including dirty tricks and blackmail. Complicated story and a great legal thriller!

No witness but the moon, a Jimmy Vega mystery, by Suzanne Chazin

Kessington, 2016

Jimmy Vega, a police officer in a relatively wealthy neighborhood fifty miles from New York City, was patrolling one night when he got a call about shots fired in a home invasion. When the suspect acts like he is reaching for a gun, Vega shoots, killing him.  The nightmare is just beginning for Vega as the shooting has implications for his girlfriend, a prominent Hispanic activist, and his teenage daughter. In trying to clear his name certain people from his old neighborhood remind him of his mother’s suspicious death and the links to the man he killed. Vega tries to untangle the web of people who might be involved. Great story. Would like to read more of the Jimmy Vega Mystery series.

The Long game; a fixer novel by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Bloomsbury Publishing, 2016.

After living with her grandfather out West, Tess is now living in Washington D.C. with her mother, Ivy, who for a long time pretended to be her older sister. She attends a prestigious private school with the children of the rich and famous, including many in politics. When their school is taken over by terrorists demanding the release of a political prisoner, Tess must do what she can to keep her classmates alive. Action packed political thriller.

Between two fires by Mark Noce

St. Martin’s Press, 2016

Branwen, the fifteen-year-old legitimate daughter to the Kingdom of Dyfed in Wales is about to be married off to form an alliance.  Her traveling party is attacked along the way to her new husband’s castle, which marks the start of a turbulent life for the young queen. With her lover, Artagan, they take over an abandoned fortress and prosper, fighting off many attacks on their kingdom, but old grudges die hard as she tries to protect her family. Very interesting historical fiction novel.